ECTS Catalog

 What are ECTS and Turkey Higher Education Qualifications Framework?

European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), is a credit system based on student workload and student centered. It is the value representing all the courses (theory and practice, seminars, self-study, quizzes, assignments, etc.) that needs to be completed successfully by students.

During the implementation of the Bologna Process in Turkey, ECTS is one of the most important fields of study. In recent years, many universities in Turkey intensified their efforts in harmonizing their credit and grading systems with the principles of ECTS.

According to the Lisbon Strategy goals published by Turkey Higher Education Qualifications Framework ( THEQF) ,The European Union (EU) in 2000 and the objectives of Bologna Process which our country got involved in 2001,the transparency of the countries members of The Bologna Process refers to "developing national qualifications framework in the field of higher education" that is aimed to increase the recognition and mobility until 2010. National Qualifications Framework is a system in which national and international stakeholders are recognized and configured in a specific order. Through this system, all qualifications and other learning achievements in higher education can be explained and linked with each other in a consistent manner.

 Efforts performed to determine Euro Credit Transfer System (ECTS) were completed for all academic levels (Doctorate, Master's Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Associate's Degree) in 2013. ECTS procedure has become compulsury for all students since 2013-2014 academic year.